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What is HoopsBoard...

HoopsBoard is a free game scheduling resource provided by RPPI for NCAA D1 Basketball teams.  Use HoopsBoard to help build your non-conference schedule.  HoopsBoard has 3 game type categories/pages for ease and convenience: MTEs, Buy Games or Series, and Neutrals.  To sign-up for HoopsBoard, you must be an NCAA D1 coach or staffer.  Please login, or create a login for SportsEngine, and request approval for HoopsBoard upon going to the category page you want to view/post.  Approval is typically granted in 48 hours or less, with access limited to NCAA D1 coaches/staffers, so please use your school email address (to make approval easy).  Once approved you can begin using HoopsBoard.

Register and use HoopsBoard...

After registering and being approved, make posts regarding any or all of your scheduling needs filtered into three separate boards/pages for MTEs, Buy Games or Series, and Neutrals.  When posting include your specific game scheduling needs/plans, target/available dates, your team name, contact person name and contact info (phone and email address).  Login access to view/post on HoopsBoard pages is limited to NCAA D1 coaches/staff.

HoopsBoard MTEs

VIEW/POST for MTE options.

HoopsBoard Buy Games or Series

VIEW/POST for buy games & home/home series.

HoopsBoard Neutrals

VIEW/POST for neutral game options.

Your scheduling goals simplified and accomplished via RPPI...

Our clients include Coaches, their staffs, and administrators!  RPPI provides scheduling services benefitting our clientele for MTEs (hosting/building and filling events), neutral games/series, and buy games (assisting both teams buying and getting bought).  Our free HoopsBoard platform will be a useful resource, however, our tailored full-service scheduling solution puts us in your corner helping your program meet your scheduling goals. 

Plus, RPPI is building custom Summer International (Foreign) Tours!  Contact Adam with your tour goals.

Interact with Adam now by phone 540.300.8326 and/or email at